What We Do:

Emily Newfield Consulting provides coaching and training services for global organizations and individuals in the areas of intercultural awareness, professional transition, expatriation and repatriation, international leadership development and management.

Through the use of blended coaching solutions and the creation of innovative training workshops, we work closely with you to design a program that meets your needs and achieves your objectives.

Coaching Services

Executive and individual coaching for global managers who want to optimize their leadership and intercultural skill sets; for expatriated individuals who want to adapt to their new culture and for candidates who want to overcome the cultural and linguistic obstacles of interviewing in English and land a job offer.

Training Services

Management and leadership training programs for executives and for teams, custom-designed to increase intercultural awareness, build communication and negotiation skills and leverage international competencies.

Clients’ Comments

  • I worked with Emily as I was embarking on a radically different career path and her support has been invaluable. Our coaching sessions were incredibly productive. Emily's strong empathy, combined with specialist coaching skills and a long work experience were a very reassuring and energising combination. I particularly appreciated the way she helped me gradually "grow" into my new role."
    Hélène Wilkinson, Development Officer, Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques
  • I attended Emily's Anglo-Business World workshop. Although it's 25 years I have been working for Anglo Saxon companies, I must say I learnt a lot. This workshop gave me a lot of explanations about my different experiences and helped me understand better the Anglo Saxon culture and behavior, highlighting and interpreting differences. A great help that made me more confident for the future and for sure more "relaxed" or confortable working with the Anglo-Saxon world. I also want to point out the energy and dedication of Emily during the session, always available, always listening to comments and making sure all questions or doubts are addressed. A training everybody needs, even if you think you are already a specialist of this culture. Thanks Emily, looking forward to benefiting from your skills again."
    Guillaume Chezeaud, Area Partner Director South EMEA and Orange Business Services Global Account Director, Juniper Networks
  • Emily delivers a very comprehensive message around the differences between the various cultures. Having worked extensively within both French and Anglo business cultures, Emily is able, more than anybody else, to help managers bridge the two cultures. She delivers her message in a very professional and interactive way. Her course has been of great value for me."
    Francois-Xavier Hedon, President & CEO, HMY International
  • Emily is a great coach and a very high-level trainer. She has excellent skills in intercultural matters. She works for UFE on intercultural mini workshops dedicated to future young expatriates. Her energy and her "easy-contact" ability with the young professionals really impress me. I would highly recommend Emily to all people who would like to develop productive intercultural relationships and have a successful expat experience."
    Yann Le Provost, President of UFE, Paris Ile de France
  • I enjoyed Emily's Anglo Business workshop enormously and gained new perspectives on how to bridge culture gaps in a business environment. She has an engaging presentation style and uses humor, pertinent case studies and personal business stories to make it real and concrete."
    Nicola Cirilli, General Manager, Group Colombin e Figlio S.p.A
  • Emily helped me immeasurably through a very tough patch. She helped me stay calm, get clarity and find a whole new perspective. We covered both personal and professional areas of my life, dealt with cross-cultural issues as they arose and came up with action plans together for me to implement significant changes in my life. I'm pleased to say I came out the other side of the difficult patch smiling, and I can't recommend Emily's services enough. In fact, I'm not sure how I would have coped without her.”
    Alannah Moore, Author and Website Consultant
  • I very much appreciated Emily's intercultural coaching workshop "anglo business world"; leveraging the cultures gaps is key in our work environment today but this is also what makes it exciting! Emily is so engaging and dynamic that you immediately dive with her into the cross cultural issues; the workshop was rich in both theory and experience sharing as well as role play which made it real fun! I will remember her reco to « look for the diamonds in the other culture. » I can highly recommend her workshops.”
    Catherine Couchoud, Marketing Manager, Marionnaud Group
  • I hired Emily at a crucial time for me which was, I would say, at a "low-point" in both my professional life as well as my personal life, and I was able to appreciate her competencies in coaching, especially in a bicultural situation.The sessions with Emily enabled me to face with confidence a new challenge in my business. In fact, Emily has the knowledge and the savoir-faire of a true professional. An excellent listener, she gives--without imposing anything--precious guidance so that one finds within oneself the motivation, the assets, and the values that make us move towards our objectives in congruence with ourselves. I can only recommend her services."
    Renata Bourdin, Translator and Language Professor
  • Emily is an excellent Intercultural Trainer and Coach and it was a pleasure to participate in one of her recent cross-cultural workshops. Not only did I learn a great deal, but I also enjoyed the original content and interactive exercises that she created for the program. Emily is engaging, funny and enthusiastic about her subject. A very positive experience!"
    Yves Ruinat, EMEA General Counsel, TE Connectivity
  • Emily is a very skillful and inspiring Coach whom I hired during a difficult but strategic period in my professional career. She deftly enabled me to transition into another field and to deal with the many issues of making such a big change in one's life. Her warm and non-judgmental manner allowed me to feel very quickly at ease and to be able to benefit fully from each session. Being bi-cultural, she was able to bring other dimensions and insights to the coaching sessions. The coaching was a very useful « putting into perspective » of where I was and where I wanted to go-- which allowed me to avoid the usual obstacles and negative thinking that can prevent one from advancing. I would heartily recommend Emily's coaching services!"
    Carine Guillier, Real Estate Agent
  • Emily delivered a dynamic and thought-provoking intercultural training workshop-helping us to grasp the differences in Anglo and French business cultures and values. Of great professional and personal value - I highly recommend Emily's training workshops."
    Hervé Lours, Alcan International Network-Constellium
  • As a Coach, Emily Newfield listens very attentively and perceptively and finds just the right solution—the one that she helps you to find in the deepest part of your own intuition.” 
    Katarina Livljanic, Singer and Musicologist—Director of the Dialogos Ensemble
  • We worked with Emily (through a training program organized by UFE) for a preparation day for young adults in vocational training going to spend a year abroad. Emily was great at adapting her workshop to the audience and the participants were very eager to learn and make the workshop interactive. It was an interesting and dynamic intercultural and linguistic preparation as the workshop was in both French and in English! We look forward to working with her again and strongly recommend her."
    Claire Dutertre, Lucie Milcent, Najade Lindsay, International Department, Les Compagnons du Devoir
  • In our coaching, Emily leads me with my own words towards the resolution of my problem. She gives me the tools to better manage my life and career. Her coaching services are an excellent asset in one's personal and professional life."
    Nicoletta DeMarzo, Language Teacher
  • I highly recommend Emily, her workshop was interactive, she is highly motivated and a very good communicator and trainer; she obtains the best of the team members; I am used to working and living in multicultural environments, but I got a lot of learnings from her workshop."
    Maria Rodriguez-Alvarez, Johnson & Johnson
  • For those jolted by the faltering economy or blocked in their personal goals, Emily's lively optimism helps to rebalance options and invest more value in the positives."
    Sharon Reier, Vice Chair, The New Alternatives Fund
  • Emily is a keen listener and knows how to defend her client against her own attempts to tear oneself down. For those looking for greater self confidence and more assertiveness, Ms Newfield's coaching will be a great help."
    Vicki Gerber, Leisure, Travel & Tourism Professional
  • I became a client of Emily Newfield during a personal expat crisis. After two years in Paris I had become depressed and had lost my sense of self. When I met Emily I was considering moving back to the US. I was faced with the task of finding my true self in this foreign culture. Emily's intercultural training and personal experience of acclimating to and understanding the French culture were shared in a way that was both professional and empathetic. Our work together helped me to understand those nuances of culture that were impediments to my successful expat transition. The work of change takes place within oneself, but it is very beneficial to have a knowledgeable, effective and supportive guide. Thanks to the sessions with Emily I once again have a full and rich life here in Paris."
    Judith T.